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A rocking horse sold for 25 thousand pounds…

Two rocking horses, one the most expensive ever built and the other the oldest known example in Britain, have changed hands. The Victoria and Albert Museum of Early Childhood in London bought what is believed to be oldest rocking horse in Britain for its collection. It intends displaying the toy in December, after completion of major refurbishments. The rocking horse dates to around 1605 to 1608, and is thought to have been a gift for a young Charles I. The toy cost the museum £25,000. However, its value pales against that of a 24-carat solid-gold rocking horse that has been given to Japan's new Prince Hisahito. The horse, which weighs nearly 30kg, reportedly cost US$859,000 and was created by designer Ginza Tanaka. Hisahito is the first male heir to the Japanese throne to be born in over 40 years and it is hoped he will pass the rocking horse on to his son.