Winter Cup gets under way – Costa del Sol Equestrian Tour in Spain

Winter Cup gets under way – Costa del Sol Equestrian Tour in Spain

And they’re off… The first of two Winter Cups on the Costa del Sol Equestrian Tour in Mijas, Spain, is under way, running from 7th to 26th February. Around 600 horses passed the Vet Check, and today the tour kicked off with the first tests for the young horses. The Spanish organisers are supported by German agency ESE – Equestrian Sport Events – Herbert Ulonska. The principle behind the tournament series is simple yet effective – to start the spring earlier and to work intensively with horses on an individual basis – training and tournament in one place.

This opportunity has proved irresistible to riders from almost 30 different countries – from Great Britain to France to the USA – and many of them have brought a number of trainees with them, as well as their horses. And it’s no wonder, since the Costa del Sol Equestrian Tour offers pure sport, as well as a refreshing change of scene from the day-to-day work at riders’ home stables. Mijas offers comfortable stabling, vast riding grounds over 35,000 square metres with surfaces custom built for the region by experts Klaus Dammann, and a large race track. Just a stone’s throw away is a veterinary medicine facility. Within the grounds there are bars and restaurants, and the town of Mijas (pop. 80,000), situated moments away, offers a rich variety of options. This is one reason why a number of riders come to the Costa del Sol Equestrian Tour with their families.

The Winter Cup offers a strong and distinctive tour programme for both young and more experienced horses, encompassing competitions ranging from a CSI-YH to the CSI3*. An impressive total of seven world ranking show-jumping contests are integrated into the Costa del Sol Equestrian Tour, with prize money totalling 585,000 euros. ESE supports the Spanish organisers under Show Director Alejandro Barreras with marketing and organisation, and is delighted to be the first point of contact for German-speaking clients and interested parties.

The first day of the tournament was an intensive and successful day for the British guests in particular. 22-year-old Lauren Edwards won the opening tests for both the five and six-year-old horses, with Carumba and Expresso, as well as coming second with Breit Star.

Results overview Winter Cup – Costa del Sol Equestrian Tour

Int. showjumping test – 5 Year Old Horses

  1. Lauren Edwards (England) with Carumba, 0/32.86
  2. Lauren Edwards (England) with Breit Star, 0/33.51
  3. Benjamin Raustrick (England) with Hessen, 0/35.56
  4. Jennifer Pedersen (Denmark) with Highland Park, 0/36.87
  5. Emilio Peralta Campana (Spain) with Atonna B, 0/36.87
  6. Benjamin Raistrick (England) with Heaven Can Wait E, 0/37.31

Int. showjumping test – 6 Year Old Horses

  1. Lauren Edwards (England) with Expresso, 0/31.74
  2. Carron Nicol (England) with Galerius, 0/33.93
  3. Carron Nicol (England) with Monoracker, 0/34.32
  4. Miguel Torres Garcia (Spain) with Gruittienne, 0/35.26
  5. Estrat Mater (Spain) with Gewehrt, 0/35.89
  6. Cassandra Malherbe (Belgium) with Fee van het Cauterhof, 0/36.56

Int. showjumping test – 7 Year Old Horses

  1. Richard Howley (Ireland) with Goulton Emperor Claud, 0/31.44
  2. Maxime Harmegnies (Belgium) with Elastike van de Keko, 0/31.50
  3. Maxime Harmegnies (Belgium) with Dibaro, 0/33.50
  4. Fidel Davila Garcia (Spain) with Altaber de Maeza, 0/33.67
  5. Luciano Segovia (Argentina) with Jack, 0/33.94
  6. Radovan Sillo (Slovenia) with Kaitouch van T Alavert, 0/34.02

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