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About us

Equisport™ is an equestrian news and information portal, providing equine news, health and feature information. It began in 1998.

Equisport™ is a registered trademark with the Intellectual Property Office of Portugal.

Equisport focuses on the technical aspects associated with equestrian sports, horse care and equine management. Its editorial excellence makes it the number one choice for horse lovers and professionals alike.

Equisport is categorised in five distinct sections and caters for:

• Section 1 – Schooling methods for both horse and rider
• Section 2 – Veterinary, horse care and management
• Section 3 – National and International News
• Section 4 – Library and Equestrian Art
• Section 5 – Reports on national and International events (competions and equine fairs)

Equisport in its conduct, respects relevant professional and ethical rules upon which the principles relating to freedom of the press are based.

Note: The contents of this Internet Page, including but not limited to all texts, graphics, images, designs, logos, icons, programmes and other “Material”, are legally protected by registered copyright (INPI nº 383497) as well as by other relevant national and international legislation. All of the Material is the property of the Company and/or the suppliers of the respective content and clients of the Company. The compilation, in other words the collection, arrangement and assembly of all content on this Internet Page is the exclusive property of the Company and is protected by both national and international copyright. Unauthorised use of the Material contravenes copyright, protection of the registered rights and other legislation.