The Americans Bringing Top Prices

The Americans Bringing Top Prices

Stakkariealla: Foto (c) Thomas Hellmann

From rural breeders to tworld elite and celebrities, everyone was there. Thousands of thrilled spectators filed into the packed auction hall and watched the highly anticipated collection. The hots Paul Schockemöhle and Ullrich Kasselmann succeeded once again in putting together a collection of one thriller after another. 50 one of a kind horses, of which each one is a unique diamond, were sold to clients from all around the world! Even though the preparation was flawless, Ulli Kasselmann, as host, breeder, and seller, always feels the pressure: “These days you never know where things are going, and how the buyers will react, we have however found that the name P.S.I. carries great weight worldwide.”

This year, the jumping collection caused a stir: The chestnut mare Stakkariealla was sold to America for 2.4 million Euros. The Stakkato daughter was the most expensive jumping horse ever sold in the 39-year history of the P.S.I. Auction. As with much of the collection, this mare is a product of the excellent breeding program at the Lewitz Stud. The six-year-old Hanoverian has already earned successes under rider Patrick Stühlmeyer. “I’m sure that this is one of the best horses I have ever bred.” reported Paul Schockemöhle.

The exceptional price highlight of the dressage collection: V-Plus. This black lacquer XL stallion was also sold to clients from the USA for 1.2 million Euros. Hof Kasselmann rider Nicole Wego presented the Vivaldi-son in the electric atmosphere inside the auction hall. “This is a stallion with extraordinary quality and exceptional character. His aura is magnified into everything and the buyers were fascinated by him.” Ulli Kasselmann knowingly described this once in a lifetime stallion. He will have a great new home in America at Harmony Sporthorses with his new owner Leslie Malone. The Pape Stud will soon have this jewel as part of their repertoire.

For Kim Burschik, who has been training at Hof Kasselmann for years, the most special part of the day was receiving the Riding Badge in Gold. The 19-year-old showed incredible development with her horse Powerfee GB, who was trained by Bianca Kasselmann. In this year alone, she has earned 13 S-level victories.

The dressage horses brought a total of 7.265.000 Euros with an average price of 290.600,00 Euros and the show jumpers 9.975.000 Euros with an average of 399.000 Euros.

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