Thanks to three giants in French trotting…

Thanks to three giants in French trotting…

Thanks to Philippe Allaire (Haras de Bouttemon) we have a breeding of Dollar Macker and Atlas de Joudes.
Dollar Macker (731.810€ – 1.11.9) is a son of Saxo De Vandel (755.450€ – 1.11.8) and the Dubois mare Salt Lake City (73.760€ – 1.15.1). This 5 year old red already won 2 Groupe I races, namely the Prix Des Centaures and Prix des Elites. The services of Dollar Macker could be booked since 2017.
Atlas de Joudes (269.900€ – 1.13.4) is a son of the number one stallion Ready Cash (4.282.300€ – 1.10.3) and the Dubois mare Queschua Love (48.250€ – 1.15.0). His debut in breeding with talented descendants such as Full Option (64.980€ – 1.13.9) and Fargo (34.300€ – 1.15.9) is very promising.

Thanks to Jean-Philippe Dubois (Haras de Fresnaux) we have a breeding of Prodigious and Royal Dream.
Prodigious (644.130€ – 1.11.1) defeated his peers in the Groupe I races Critérium des 4 Ans and Critérium Continental. As son of the top stallion Goetmals Wood (894.190€ – 1.11.9), he has shown to be of high value in breeding. Descendants winning Groupe I races are Valse Darling, Vision Intense, Arca des Jacquets, Carat Williams and Darling de Reux.
Royal Dream (1.591.310€ – 1.10.7) is a son of the top stallion Love You (1.416.537€ – 1.10.2) and became a legend by winning the Prix d Amérique. His entrance as stallion is highly promising given the high percentage of qualified foals, namely 77% for D s and 67% for E s.

Lucien Urano (Haras de Retz) presents you breedings of Look de Star, Vulcain de Vandel, Crystal Money and Doberman.
It was written in the stars that Look de Star (224.277€ – 1.12.7) would perform very well in breeding. In fact, he s the son of the legendary Coktail Jet (1.896.774€ – 1.11.2) and Corte (377.787€ – 1.13.6). His best descendants are Ustinof du Vivier (1.073.320€ – 1.09.8), Roc Meslois (812.950€ – 1.10.5), Angi Des Liards (560.930€ – 1.12.0) and Uniclove (551.900€ – 1.10.9).
Vulcain de Vandel (536.270€ – 1.11.3) is a son of the top horse Jag de Bellouet (4.223.699€ – 1.09.9). Winning the Prix Ténor de Baune ensured him to participate in the Prix d Amérique in 2015. The services of Vulcain de Vandel could be booked since 2017.
Crystal Money (523.330€ – 1.13.2) was considered as the best trotter of his year but had to decline due to an injury. He started his stud services in 2016. The belief in his breeding quality is very high, given his father Coktail Jet and sisters Return Money (801.610€ – 1.12.0) and Vacate Money (405.430€ – 1.11.9).
Doberman (316.630€ – 1.12.1) is a son of Prodigious and a mare from Look de Star. He s one of the best trotters of his year and started his stud duty in 2017.

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