Reynald Angot claims the King's Cup

Reynald Angot claims the King's Cup

The 96th edition of the Madrid International ended with Reynald Angot on “Jarnac” claiming the most representative event, the King's Cup.

Michel Hecart riding “Itot du Chateau” was sencond and also won the “Hola” prize for the best rider of the Show. And the third position was to the Irish rider Marie Burke with “Chippison”.

Once again, Her Royal Highness Elena Princess presented the the Cup to the winner. Her Royal Highness was accompanied by Mr Jaime de Marichalar, the International Olympic Committee President, Alejandro Echevarría, the Equestrian Federation President, Javier Revuelta and other politicians and sports authorities.

First victory of Tim Stockdale in the CSI Madrid.
One of the best trained riders of the moment, Tim Stockdale from Britain, obtained his first partial victory in the 96th edition of the Madrid four star international. Stockdale rode “Fresh Direct Glenwood Springs” and earned a prize of 3,500 euros. In second position was the Portuguese Luis Sabino Goncalves with “Jivaro DuFraigneau”. Norwegian Tony Andre Hansen with “Brokers Rhani de Puuvil” were third.

The Dutch go on winning in the CSI Madrid 2006.

The last day of the International began with the dispute of the tenth competition which had Eric Van der Vleuten as a winner. He rode “Owendel”. The Dutch rider won a cash prize of 3,000 euros and maintains the string of victories of the Dutch riders. Second was the French rider Michel Hecart with “That´s Life”, Another French rider finished third,
Reynald Angot with “Kissmi des Nauves”.

Results (21.05.06)
CSI**** Madrid

Event 10 – Winners (V/M- A2) – 36 combinations
FEI Art. 239 & 263 and 238.2.1

1º Eric van der Vleuten (Hol) / Owendel / 0-49,45s
2º Michel Hecart (Fra) / That's Life / 0-49,65
3º Reynald Angot (Fra) / Kissmi Des Nauves / 0-50,77
4º Tony Andre Hansen (Nor) / Et Royal Volo / 0-51,15
5º Ellen Whitaker (Grb) / Henri De Here / 4-50,01
6º Roger-Yves Bost (Fra) / Jovis De Ravel / 4-50,41
7º Felipe Guinato (Bra) / Javelot Du Loup / 4-50,56
8º Luciana Diniz (Bra) / Dover / 4-51,26
9º François Mathy (Bel) / Undercover Agent / 6-78,08
10º Piet Raymakers Jr (Hol) / Optical / 12-50,52

13º Marina Frutuoso de Melo (Por) / Nababo / 58,52
22º Cesar Abreu (Por) / Savane / 65,88
23º Sergio Alvarez Moya (Esp) / Vivi / 67,26
28º António Portela Carneiro (Por) / Echo de Lessay / 84,27

Event 11 – Hit and Hurry (1,40m) – 47 combinations
1º Tim Stockdale (Grb) / Glenwood Springs / 23-65,98s
2º Luis Sabino Gonçalves (Por) / Jivaro Du Fraigneau / 22-61,46
3º Tony Andre / Rhani de Puuvil / 22-61,9
4º Reynald Angot (Fra) / Qerly Chin / 22-62,09
5º Patricio Maldonado (Esp) / Crevagh Express / 22-62,44
6º Kristof Cleeren (Bel) / Cardoso Van De Helle / 22-62,88
7º Harrie Smolders (Hol) / Indiana / 22-63,44
8º Jesús Garmendia (Esp) / Golden De L'elfe / 22-63,78
9º Pascal Levy (Esp) / Porn Star / 22-64,83
10º Peter Charles (Irl) / Johnny Jumper / 22-65,5

33º Cesar Abreu (Por) / Julietta Rouge / 18-65,92

Prova 12 – Taça do Rei – Two Rounds against the clock – 36 combinations
1º Reynald Angot (Fra) / Jarnac / 0/0-49,87s
2º Michel Hecart (Fra) / Itot du Chateau / 0/0-50,38
3º Marie Burke (Irl) / Chippison / 0/0-51,64
4º Piet Raymakers Jr (Hol) / Rascin / 0/0-54,35
5º Peter Charles (Irl) / Panthera / 0/0-62,26
6º Eric van der Vleuten (Hol) / Paloma / 4/0-50,07
7º Leon Thijssen (Hol) / Olaf / 0/4-50,6
9º Florian Meyer zu Hartum (Ger) / Alvaro / 4/0-51,59
10º Ricardo Jurado (Esp) / Le Monde / 0/8-50,41

26º Luis Sabino Gonçalves (Por) / Ushar / 12-75,35

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