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Horses Inside Out

Cornish equestrians' have been learning a vital lesson into the skeletal and muscular make up of horses. An artistic sports therapist has been demonstrating a method of painting a horse's physical make up to show how its body works and breaks.

Gillian Higgins' originally from the midlands tours the country to host lectures teaching equestrian enthusiasts on the workings of horse biomechanics and physiology.

Gillian will paint the skeletal and muscular make up of a horse on to its skin using a harmless water-based paint, to show how the animal’s muscles work with the skeleton and how they can be damaged.

The sports therapist made a recent visit to Davistow near Camelford to show local horse riders, owners and enthusiasts how the 463 muscles in a horse's body work in conjunction with its complicated and delicate bone structure.

The purpose of painting the horses 'inside out' is to show how if injured a horse can treated.

Speaking about the interesting style to her lectures Gillian said: “Seeing the muscles painted on the side of the horse brings the subject alive. The more you understand the better performance you will get out of the horse, and reduce the risk of injury.”

The preparation stage for the lectures namely, the painting of the horses consists of four hours spent painting the large creatures; one side depicting the bone structure and the other, the muscle system of the horse.

Although fun, the aim of the painted presentations is to help horse enthusiasts to improve the performance, reduce injury and help maintain a horse’s physiological condition by better understanding the mechanics of the mammal.

In the lectures she also encourages children to take part in the painting too, on ponies: “We get some fantastic painting designs. It makes the presentation interesting and dynamic and fun and hopefully something that people can relate to.”