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Golegã Horse Fair 2013 – Dress Code

The Organizing Committee of the Golegã Horse Fair reminds you of the required dress code for the event.


During the Feira Nacional do Cavalo event, that takes place between the 7th and the 11th of November, after 4.p.m. riders and carriage drivers are requested to dress correctly, i.e. the occasion riding costume.

These costumes should be either the Traditional Portuguese or other suitable ones like National, Regional, Spanish or English and other adequate styles.
Casual riding clothes are not allowed.


The riders and carriage drivers must pay attention to basic rules of Horse Welfare. It should be ridden or driven having in mind its possibilities and aptitudes, respecting overuse and fatigue.

Suitable harnesses are also requested.
All Horses and Carriages should be officially identified.

All riders and Carriage Drivers are kindly requested to adopt the paces according to the number of the riders in the show grounds.