Fall Elite Auction: Oldenburg Youngsters Successful in Sport (VIDEO)

Fall Elite Auction: Oldenburg Youngsters Successful in Sport (VIDEO)

Cafe’s Casimir

Championship medal winners, licensed stallions, brillant ring mares and talented future stars predestined for international show venues will take your breath away on Saturday, September 30th at the Fall Elite Auction. From three-year old youngsters all the way to talented athletes already successful in sport – this collection certainly has something that could make your dreams come true.

The horses are now in training and ready to be tried out by interested parties. Make an appointment with a member of our team and get to know your darling personally.

Among those in this year’s collection is a strong moving sunny boy named Cafe’s Casimir by Cafe au lait – Calido – Grannus, Cat. No. 36. This five-year old stallion is distinguished by first places in 2nd level tests for young dressage horses. His dam is a sister of a licensed stallion named Cafe’s Champus.

A movement genius who is successful in sport and ready for competitions immediately is Selfmade-K by San Amour I – Ehrentusch – Intervall, Cat. No. 3. This seven-year old gelding has already placed in 3rd level tests for young dressage horses. His dam Espania won ribbons in Grand Prix and has a daughter who is also successful in Grand Prix.

A dancer with that special kind of radiance is Cat. No. 17, Graciella by Sir Donnerhall I – Welt Hit II – Grundstein. This modern young athlete comes from the famous Richonese line, also the origin of the Olympic mare Riwera de Hus OLD, Cointreau, and the upcoming star at the EC in Gothenburg, Dante Weltino OLD.

In the show jumping area there are many enticing high fliers for upper level courses. The grey mare Caluna Seven by Corlensky G – Lordanos – Servus, Cat. No. 10, already shines with first places in 1.30 m tests. Her dam Luna Seven also performed well, placing in 1.45 m show jumping tests. Another winner in 1.30 m show jumping tests is six-year old Chanella by Cellestial – Poltergeist – Kolibri, Cat. No. 15.

The licensed Corde Dacora by Carrico – Contendro I – Peter Pan, Cat. No. 21, who has first places on record in 1.20 m courses, has a well-known brother – the licensed Bundeschampion Caroly by Calido. Success runs in the family.

In addition, 57 outstanding Elite foals with highly successful, international pedigrees are also up for sale at the auction.

Until September 29th you have the opportunity to observe your favourites during their daily work-outs and try them out. Please get in touch with our consulting and customer service team for this.

Official training schedule and times for trying out
As of Thursday, September 7th to Friday, September 29th

10:30 a.m. – 12:00 noon – jumper team
1:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. – dressage team
All Sundays are days of rest in the stables.

2 x extra presentations
Wednesday, Sept. 20th – 6:00 p.m.: Evening Show
Wednesday, Sept. 27th – 6:00 p.m.: Evening Show

– On these days the horses cannot be tried out during the day –

Consulting and customer service:

Dressage horses:
Thomas Rhinow: +49 (0) 44 41-93 55 15 or rhinow.thomas@oldenburger-pferde.com
Daniel Pophanken: +49 (0) 44 41-93 55 895 or pophanken.daniel@oldenburger-pferde.com

Show jumpers:
Fabian Kühl: +49 (0) 44 41-93 55 51 or kuehl.fabian@oldenburger-pferde.com

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