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ECCO FEI World Championships: Jumpers are through Horse Inspection – 5 goes to re-inspection

123 horses participated in the Horse Inspection for jumping today at ECCO FEI World Championships. 118 was accepted, while the last 5 will be seen at the re-inspection tomorrow morning.

In front of the Veterinary Commission, headed by Dr. Nicolai Jarløv from Denmark and his colleagues, and the Ground Jury, all the jumping horses were shown at Horse Inspection today. The biggest part of the horses were trotting fine and there were only a few of them there were uncertainties about. 7 horses ended up in the holding box, but 2 of them were accepted after second time trotting. The last 5 goes to re-inspection.

When the re-inspection is done tomorrow morning, we will know exactly which riders are ready for the familiarization, that also will be tomorrow, starting at 10.00. The first competition is Wednesday at 11.00.

5 nations will have competitors who needs to attend the re-inspection, while the rest, including the home nation, have all their riders ready for the familiarization.

Almost all the horses were shown by their riders, but a few has shown by their grooms because of different circumstances. The jumping horses behaved very well.

The horses not accepted today was Quel Filou from France, Kheros van’t Hoogeinde from Columbia, Cheppettano from Poland, Landriano Z from Israel and RMF Zecilie fom the US.

Big jumper-nations like Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Great Britain, Germany, and Ireland all went straight through with all their horses.

Schedule for jumping:

8.00: Re-inspection
10.00: Familiarisation

11.00: FEI World Team & Individual Jumping Championship – First Competition – Speed

13.00: FEI World Team Jumping Championship – Round 1

21.00: FEI World Team Jumping Championship – Round 2 (Final)

17.30: 2nd Horse Inspection

14.00: FEI World Jumping Championship – Final Individual

Results HERE