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Cholla, the horse painter…

Cholla is a native Nevadan, born in 1986 from a Mustang Stallion and a Quarter Horse Mare. He is 1250 lbs. and 15.2 hands. A copper buckskin with zebra striping on his legs.

I got him just before his fifth birthday and I must admit, he was a volitile time bomb. Now he is a sensitive artist who paints at his easel with passion and intelligence. Cholla's art is completely his own. I do not apply any paint to the paper, nor do I move the easel or rotate the paper at any time during his sessions. I do dip the artist bush in the paint for him as he tends to knock things over when he tries this on his own. He takes the brush from my hand and goes straight to the easel.

I don't really understand it completely, myself, but he just loves doing it. His art is fine art, sometimes I think he is channeling energy while creating his masterpieces. Cholla started painting in May of 2004. The idea came from my husband, Robert, while I was painting the corral fence, he yelled out, ” Why dont you get that horse to paint that fence “. Well lo and behold, my horse is an artist.

Cholla paints with high quality water colors on cold pressed, high end paper, and Gicleés are printed with a 6 color printing process using archival inks on archival water color paper.