CDI-W Wellington: Lisa Wilcox and Galant win the Grand Prix Freestyle

CDI-W Wellington: Lisa Wilcox and Galant win the Grand Prix Freestyle

Lisa Wilcox / Galant. Photo (c) Susan Stickle

Lisa Wilcox and Galant, a 2006 Belgian Warmblood gelding (Escuro x Bellisima) owned by Jacqueline Shear, had another impressive day on Friday, topping the leader board in their second performance of 2017 and earning a score of 77.209% for their Justin Timberlake and “Trolls” movie soundtrack-themed freestyle in the Global Arena. Awards were also presented to the owner of Galant, Jacqueline Shear, and groom Bibi Diaz.

Commenting on her freestyle, Wilcox said, “I knew that he (Galant) liked it, so I was hoping that that would show up in the arena tonight. It brought a bit of confidence because he recognized the music, he was having fun, and he totally focused on me and what we were doing.”

Of Galant, she said, “I’m so proud of him. I’m just so proud of where we have come from last year to this year.”

Team Canada saw some strong performances for the night and rounded out the top three placings. The duo of Megan Lane (CAN) and Caravella, a 2001 KWPN mare (Contango x P. Riviera x Riverman) owned by Lane, scored an impressive 75.967% putting them in second place.

Lane described her goals for the season with Caravella, “It’s been an amazing journey with this horse and at both stages of our lives. It’s still growing. I’m excited for the future, I have plans on going to the World Cup so I look forward to that.”

Brittany Fraser-Beaulieu (CAN) and All In, a 2005 KWPN gelding (Tango x Leontine x Damiro) that Fraser-Beaulieu also owns, rounded out the top three with a score of 72.608%.


CDI-W Grand Prix Freestyle


E: Foy – USAH: Torrente – COLC: Rockwell – USAM: Wuest – GERB: Lehmann – GER
Wilcox, LisaUSAGalant78.99075.51075.34077.25078.95577.2091
Lane, MeganCANCaravella76.84574.34574.52075.77578.35075.9672.
Fraser, BrittanyCANAll In74.05571.80569.91572.69574.57072.6083.
Rizvi, P.J.USABreaking Dawn73.11574.49070.32573.56570.56572.4124.
Matute Guimon, JuanESPDon Diego Ymas68.36072.01070.64570.12073.04070.8355.
Irving, JillCANDegas 1267.51569.96570.13069.98070.30569.5796.
Brooks, JacquelineCAND Niro67.13571.26070.21071.70564.53568.9697.
Pape, SuzanGBRHarmony’s Fiorano67.42068.48568.74069.17068.58568.4808.
Manfredi, Maria FlorenciaARGBandurria Kacero67.79568.98066.87566.52570.93068.221
Poag, KatieUSAZonnekoning66.13566.61070.20065.47063.56566.396
Tzinberg, EllessePHIPavarotti 8563.38566.28066.28565.11064.03565.019
Gundersen, MikalaDENMy LadyW/D
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