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Bartholomeu de Miranda Neto claims a double in Argentina

The brazilian Bartholomeu de Miranda Neto aboard Replay Pedreira won this week end, both the Grand Prix and the
qualifyer for the World Cup of the CSIW Buenos Aires.

The most important competition of this final day of competitions, the Ericsson Grand Prix (two rounds, second against the clock)was for Bartholomeu de Miranda Neto, from Brazil, received a Toyota Corolla and Jean Pierre prizes.

In the Preliminary World Cup (qualifyer for Las Vegas World Cup, April 2007) Riding Replay Pedreira, Miranda Neto finished the second round with a clear round, (0/0-49,80s) (the only one wih two clear rounds). De Miranda Neto ended before Chilean Joaquín Larrain, on Petra Método (total: 2 points, in 55,53 seconds), and Argentine Ezequiel Sack, on El Regreso Conga (total: 4 points, in 44,61 seconds).

Brazilian Bartholomeu de Miranda Neto beat the other 37 combinations with Replay Pedreira with a clear round jump-off in 45,53 seconds.

Second place was for Pablo Andrade (riding Hans), from Ecuador, with 0 points in 47,26 seconds, followed by Chilean Joaquín Larraín, on Petra Método.

Best Argentine performances were Ezequiel Sack (riding El Regreso Conga, 12º position) and Martín Dopazo (on Aldino, 13º position).