Auvers: Nicolas Bidon Daurella claimed victory

Auvers: Nicolas Bidon Daurella claimed victory

In forecasts, very sly the one who could give us the winning Sunday evening tierce. Because at the conclusion of the first stage of these European championships, cards are blurred.

We thought of German, Dutch and British too strong for the rest of Europe. They were stolen by “youngs” country which want it! On Wednesday morning, the juniors opened the competition. About 100 couples tasted the difficulties proposed by Serge Houtmann, the course designer. In the opinion of many, the course was rather easy. It did not prevent the Russians from knowing a berezina sacred with two eliminated. The same fate, rather unexpected, for Charlotte Bettendorf (LUX) who had some problems with her partner. They were finally 19 to end without fault in the time, and 7 to be penalized by one point of exceeded time.

Among them, 3 Dutch, 3 German, 3 French, 2 English, 2 Irish but the victory returns to Spanish. Nicolas Bidon Daurella abducted the final victory from the Belgian Jens van der Steichel of some hundredth. These two couples sharply dominated their opponents nevertheless hardened. What deprives nothing of the talent of the Dutch which, with three riders in 11 first ones, showed that they would be hard to be beaten in the team competition. The French first one, smiling Julia Dallamano, realized a very beautiful lap without fault with her grey Multimed Marrokko. The young Norman riders Laura Faye did much more than anyone expected, being only penalized by 1 point. She is ow in 24th position.

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