An almost perfect GP Test for Anky and Salinero

An almost perfect GP Test for Anky and Salinero

Anky van Grunsven and Keltec Salinero rode a nearly perfect Grand Prix test, which is a qualifier for the FEI World Cup Freestyle tomorrow. Salinero went fantastic and surprised friend and foe. Especially the first piaffe and passage tour were performed extremely well. Their test received a score of 77.375 per cent.

Runners-up Edward Gal and Group 4 Securicor Lingh were perhaps a bit too careful, which he confirmed afterwards. “I find it more difficult to show ease in the Grand Prix in which you have to ride to the letter, in the Freestyle that is not the case. In the Freestyle I can let Lingh shine more,” explained Gal, who rode his fourth qualifier of the season in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. “I probably am a bit more satisfied with my first performance in Maastricht, but I think I did well here too.” Gal was awarded with 74.958 per cent.

A close third was Germany’s Isabell Werth with Warum Nicht FRH who received 74.625 per cent for this test, his best result to date in a Grand Prix. Werth was followed by compatriot Hubertus Schmidt with Forest Gump (73.542%).

Imke Schellekens-Bartels and Sunrise performed a surprisingly strong test and finished in fifth place with 71.292 per cent.

The best 15 combinations will start in tomorrow’s Grand Prix Freestyle, the last qualifier before the Final in Amsterdam in April.

Results (24.03.06)
FEI Word Cup – 's Hertogenbosch
Grand Prix Test WC

1. Anky van Grunsven (Hol) – Keltec Salinero – 77.375%
2. Edward Gal (Hol)- Lingh – 74.958%
3. Isabell Werth (Ger) – Warum Nicht FRH – 74.625%
4. Hubertus Schmidt (Ger) – Forest Gump NRW – 73.541%
5. Imke Schellekens-Bartels (Hol) – Sunrise – 71.291%
6. Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff (Ger) – Wahajama-Unicef – 71.208%
7. Laurens van Lieren (Hol) – Hexagon's Ollright – 71.000%
8. Louise Nathorst (Swe)- Guinness – 70.875%
9. Kristian von Krusenstierna (Swe) – Wilson – 70.583%
10. Lone Jorgensen (Den) – Ludewig G – 70.125%

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