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NewsWorking Equitation

6 Countries represented in the II World Equitation Championship

The APSL, in conjunction with Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, Federação Equestre Portuguesa and Sociedade Hípica Portuguesa, is organising the II World Working Equitation Championship which will be held in Lisbon at Sociedade Hípica Portuguesa, from the 26th up to the 29th October.

Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, England, Brazil and Mexico are the countries that will be competing at this major event.

The competition is divided into 4 phases which are designed to test horse and rider through a range of activities. It combines flatwork movements and obstacle tests, inviting horse and rider to deal with a number of obstacles similar to those encountered when riding and working in the fields. Overall, the competition aims to promote good horsemanship, and a level of submission and control of the horse.


Thursday, 26 de October

10H00 Team Parade
15H00 Meeting of Chef d' Equipes
17H00 Veterinary inspection
18H30 Allotment of entries

Friday, 27 de October

14H00 Dressage Test
19H00 WAWE General Assembly – World Association of Working Equitation

Saturday, 28 de October

10H00 Obstacle course – Style Selection
16H00 Obstacle course – Speed
19H00 Presentation of Letícia Boulin's book “O Cavalo Lusitano”, (portuguese version)

Sunday, 29 de October

15H00 Cattle trial
16H30 Prize Giving Ceremony