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The Braz Gil Studio invests in tradition

The Braz Gil Family has been in porcelain manufacturing for two generations and throughout its existence it has increasingly bet upon the development of a family enterprise with a manufacturing status.

Porcelain pieces and collections are created under the registered trademark “Braz Gil Studio” which represents a seal of originality and outstanding identity in the artistic approach of Portuguese historical and cultural themes.


The Braz Gil Studio operating from Caldas da Rainha, is dedicated to manufacturing excellent pieces with their own identity, for which it uses only the best porcelain paste. This requirement regarding quality and accuracy, along with the vocation towards pieces of good repute, has led the studio to be chosen by several cultural organisations, including the IPPAR, the ICEP and the Portuguese Institute of Museums to produce both original pieces and replicas for museums and palaces, working alongside Portuguese and foreign designers.

Through the creation of hand painted porcelain pieces such as the purebred lusitano horse, the wild pig, the stag, the wild pigeon, the bull and the setter, Braz Gil atracts not only «conaisseurs» of this art but also clients from the bullfighting and horse breeding world.