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Janne-Friederike Meyer wins Grand Prix of Aachen

There was no need for a jump-off: Janne-Friederike Meyer (Schenefeld) was the only rider who had jumped double clear after the second round of the “ROLEX Grand Prix”, the Grand Prix of Aachen with Cellagon Lambrasco. “I can’t believe it, I have to get over the shock first. I would never have allowed myself to dream that I would win here. This is the best day in my life. We have improved every year and I have worked hard for it and I am incredibly proud. Last year we had eight faults and it is absolutely unbelieve that I managed to win today,” the 30-year-old said after her ride. “There were a few tricky spots in the course, but on the way to the last fence, I knew we’d done it.”

The crowd cheered her on the whole of the way and celebrated their German winner euphorically. “I am so pleased that we have been able to experience this day here.”

18 riders and horses started in the second round, for a long time it looked like there was going to be a jump-off between all the riders on 4 faults, i.e. 7 riders until Janne-Friederike Meyer entered the ring. After jumping the last fence clear she threw her arms up to the sky in delight.

After Meyer’s round the only person who could make a jump-off possible was Luciana Diniz who rides for Portugal. However, Deniz picked up four faults with her Belgian-bred gelding, Winningmood, at the last obstacle, which meant fourth place for her. The victory went to Janne-Friederike Meyer, who won team gold at the 2010 World Championships in Kentucky.

The French rider Kevin Staut came second on the KWPN mare, Silvana de Hus. The pair reached the finish line in 70.28 seconds with four faults.

Just 20 years old and competing for the first time in Aachen, he managed to qualify for the “ROLEX Grand Prix“ first time round: Andreas Kreuzer (Mühlen) jumped clear in the first round with the Mecklenburg-bred stallion, Chacco-Blue and picked up four faults in the second round of all things at the first obstacle of all things. “It is amazing riding here in Aachen,” commented Kreuzer, who won team gold at the 2010 Young Riders European Championships.