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European Y-J-Ch Championship 2016: Double gold for Germany

Germany is officially the best team at the European Y-J-Ch Championship 2016 at Oliva Nova.

The second part of the Young Riders and Juniors tests was competed this Thursday, and the German team won the gold medal in both categories, while the Netherlands took the silver medal and Denmark the bronze, in both Juniors and Young Riders. This meant that the podium showed the same nations in both medal ceremonies.

It was another beautiful morning and the early hours flew by watching many nice presentations by young stars. We saw very good riding in all categories, as although every year transitions to U25 and adult levels always leave a hole in the categories, new stars are rising and other riders are confirming their progress with very thoughtful presentations.

The much-feared heatwave is not affecting these Championships too much. Even in the middle of the day, during the hottest hours, a nice breeze rose and cooled the atmosphere immediately. FEI instructions had been to complete the medal ceremony as soon as possible to prevent any risk of accidents due to the high temperatures, but in fact the climate did not cause any problems.

Junior Riders

In Juniors, the German team was top of the team ranking especially thanks to the incredible score of the winner of the class, Semmieke Rothenberger with the Hanoverian Dissertation (Don Crusador x Gotenfee). They had an amazing ride and earned an impressive score of 77.351%. Dissertation was moving forward with a very active hind leg and was very attentive to his rider’s aids. The medium trot and extended trot were superb. The whole test was a joy to watch.

Two more members on the team finished above 70%. Hannah Erbe riding Carlos 609 (Carabas x Wicke) earned a score of 74.811% and finished in second place. They performed some lovely movements being very constant in the trot, walk and canter parts of the test.

The third member of the team to score above 70 finished ninth. This was Rebecca Horstmann riding Friend of Mine 2 (For Compliment x Riverside) with an average score of 71.838%. They had some trouble in the flying change today, which made them lose some points.

In the individual ranking, third place went to Dutch rider Lisanne Zoutendijk riding Kostendrukkers Ringo Star (Riccione x Rustika) with a score of 73.865%. It was a very constant performance withbeautiful extended trots and canters, and flying changes. Dutch team members Esmee Donkers, riding Zaffier (Painted Black x Rocco), and Febe van Zwambag, riding FS Las Vegas (Lord Loxley I x FS La Petit Belinda), finished in fifth and sixth place with an average score of 73.959% and 72.676%. Diana van de Bovenkamp with Corvette earned a score of 65.514%.

The best Danish rider was Celine Rosbaek riding Romio Hoejris with an average score of 72.324%. They finished seventh.

Young Riders

In Young Riders, team gold went to Germany. Their best combination was Jill-Marielle Becks riding Damon’s Satelite, who finished second in the individual ranking with an average score of 74.816%. The highlights in their test were in the trot work, the flying changes and the half passes in canter. In the walk, their score was a little bit under the average, while the pirouette to the left was not as good as to the right. All the other members scored above 70%. Anna-Lisa Theile and Ducati K finished in third place with an average score of 73.947%. Anna-Christina Abbelen riding Fuerst on Tour finished in fourth place with an average score of 73.079%.

The top individual place was for Dutch rider Jeanine Nieuwenhuis riding TC ATHENE, the combination is the actual dutch champion at last weeks 2016 national competitions. Here they finished with an amazing score of 76.947%. Almost all judges placed her at the top. All her fellow team members scored above 70%, which won them the silver team medal. The Danish team was the winner of the bronze medal. Their best rider was Maja Andreasen riding KANO, with an average score of 73.026%.

Nevertheless one might say that the countries with a strong breeding industry are already showing their potential among the young guns and the riders of tomorrow. There is no doubt that the quality of the Dutch breed the Kwpn and of the Danish Varmblod is definitely playing a role once again in these  Championships.

The Supervisory Board of the FEI is in place doing its job: Henk van Bergen and Uwe Mechelen have been working at the EU Dressage Championships since yesterday and continue until tomorrow evening.

Today (22/07) the competition continues with Junior Individual, Young Riders Individual and the second part of Children.