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Domosedan Gel for Equines

Orion is one of the best-known players in the animal health business in the Nordic countries.

The range marketed by Orion includes both proprietary and generic products for production animals and companion animals. Recently we have opened sales offices in Eastern European markets where we aim to further expand our operations.

Orion has developed an innovative oromucosal gel formulation of detomidine, called Domosedan Gel. The gel is administered under the horse’s tongue and therefore also the horse owner can easily give the gel to her/his own horse for mild sedation.

The gel is always prescribed by a veterinarian to an individual horse and the veterinarian is responsible for the sedation and correct use of the product.

The gel is ideal for horses that are nervous or needle-shy and when owners need more control during clipping, shoeing, dental treatments and boxing, said the company.

Janssen, Esteve and Pfizer are major marketing partners for Orion, promoting and distributing Orion's veterinary sedatives in markets not covered by Orion's own sales organisation.