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Colégio Vasco da Gama wins International Under-21’s Camp Meeting

The International Under-21’s Horseball Camp Meeting was held at Cotgrave Yard – Nottingham, between the 30th of August and the 2nd of September.

As no other European Countries were able to participate only the Portuguese Team, Horseball Club Colégio Vasco da Gama, was able to answer the invitation to join the Under-21 players from Melton Mowbray Horseball Team and Nottingham Horseball Club.

A magnificent event prepared by the hosts, Laura Simmons and the British National Coach Matthew Worthington, included various activities like visits to the Blue Line Racing Yard and its tracks, to a Fox Hound local kennel, group gatherings in a friendly atmosphere for the young riders, beautiful hacking through the green fields of Nottingham for all participants and the usual horseball games which were the main purpose of this camp, ending finally with the tournament between the teams.

The British Horseball Ladies Team was also present in this event, for its final preparatory training before leaving to the 4th European Lady Championship in Rennes – France, which will take place between the 14th and 17th of September.

This year the Portuguese team from Horseball Club Colégio Vasco da Gama managed to win this International Under-21’s Competition, with the following results:

Melton Horseball Team 5 – 2 Nottingham Horseball

Melton Horseball Team 3 – 6 Colégio Vasco da Gama

Colégio Vasco da Gama 5 – 2 Nottingham Horseball