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Campo Pequeno Bullring reopens completely renewed

The Campo Pequeno Bullring reopened to the public, after having remained for six years closed for renovations due to the lack of safety conditions at the 19th-century building.

The bullring has been completely restored, renewed and enlarged to include a commercial gallery, restaurants, a supermarket, car-park and cinemas.

Another innovation is the possibility of transforming the bullring into a space for shows, such as opera, theatre or music concerts, thanks to a removable glass cover. The promoters want it to become the «main entertainment house of Lisbon»: it is prepared to receive 7 000 spectators during bullfights, a number that may be increased to 10,000 when a platform is set on the arena.

A commercial gallery was constructed under the bullring, including 60 shops, a large area for restaurants, a supermarket and eight cinemas. The future Campo Pequeno Leisure Centre also includes an underground park for 1,250 cars and, on the ground level, eight restaurants with esplanades and gardens with fountains and water effects.

The new space for entertainment will open tomorrow night with a show conceived by Filipe La Féria including references to opera, rock music, fashion, sports, circus and cinema, besides equestrian exhibitions. The commercial gallery opens to the public on the following morning and the first bullfight will take place on Thursday evening.