Birth of E.T.Cryozootech-Stallion, clone of “ET”

French cloning company Cryozootech has confirmed the birth of a colt clone of “E.T.”, Hugo Simon's show jumping gelding. Named “E.T.Cryozootech-Stallion”, his first offspring are planned for 2009. ET, now aged 20, was a champion showjumper for 10 years. He was gelded as a three-year-old. Between 1994 and 2003, he won many show jumping competitions: twice winner of the World Cup, No.1 on the World ranking for 3 years in a row. E.T. is a modern horse: light, rapid and nimble. Unfortunately, as this type of horse was not the standard in Hanover region, 20 years ago, he was castrated at three, before anyone could foresee his exceptional qualities. Without the cloning technique, he would have been lost for breeders who are looking for exceptional genetic. E.T.Cryozootech-Stallion, who has exactly the same genetic heritage as E.T., will be able to breed E.T.'s traits on. E.T.Cryozootech-Stallion was born on June 2, 2006. Like E.T., he has a stripe and two socks on his hind legs but the fine and side ways stripe on his nose is very different from E.T.'s blaze. On the other hand, the DNA test carried out by the official laboratory Labogena has shown the same identical genetic content. Cryozootech, founded in 2001 to preserve rare genetic heritage, has realised the above-mentioned projects. Cryozootech is awaiting this year the birth of a Calvaro V' clone and next year the birth of Rusty's clone, the great dressage champion.

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