Vilamoura Champions Tour 2017: Portugal & Great Britain claim podium spots on day two

Vilamoura Champions Tour 2017: Portugal & Great Britain claim podium spots on day two

Mário Wilson Fernandes (POR) & Tidelio des Nauves. Photo (c) OneShot

The second day of the Vilamoura Champions Tour started with the 1,40m class where Chloe Aston (GBR) took the lead with Cornado’s Boy RC followed by five Portuguese riders. Luis Sabino Gonçalves (POR) was 2nd with the horse that won the 1,35m class yesterday (Goran Império Egípcio), Duarte Romão (POR) got 3rd on Val Les Parts, Ana Elias da Costa (POR) & Chadston took the 4th place, Duarte Seabra (POR) & Twix V Overis Z into 5th and Alexandre Faustino (POR) & Benhur de Salinas got the 6th place.

As the day passes by, Great Britain keeps up the good performance, winning the second class of the day, the 1,35m two phases in the Undiamo Arena. This time was (GBR) Laura Renwick’s turn & Alothain de Blondel finishing both phases clear in the time of 26.19 seconds. The 2nd place went to Ireland represented by Harry Marshall and Chirokko M, Alexander Zetterman (SWE) & Cordalis 8 got the 3rd place, the French Adeline Hecart & Vendetta de Cossigny into 4th and George Whitaker (GBR) & Flip placed in 5th.

The unexpected happened in the 1,45m class (Longines Ranking class) when Mário Wilson Fernandes (POR) & Tidelio des Nauves and Jeremy Sweetnam (IRL) & Sir Landal Joter got the same time in the second phase 34.51 sec and so placed in 1st ex-aequo. Just for curiosity, Mario and Jeremy were followed one after another in the start list…
Right after Mário and Jeremy was the British Emma Stoker & Townhead Tallulah V in 3rd, Harry Charles got the 4th with Controe and also Valkiry de Zance in 6th, placed in 5th was the Brazilian João Victor Castro & Quentin PJ.

Later on in the Undiamo Arena we had the 1,20m class where the Portuguese rider Sara Ferreira Pinto assured the fastest time right in the beginning of the class with Darko-Eqd and also being placed in 4th with her second horse Fast Forward. The Italian Giuseppe de Luca & Ekletrix D.C. got the 2nd place, Abbe Burchmore-Eames (GBR) & Eleonora III into 3rd and Celine Denuit (BEL) & Touki de la Cense in 5th.

The last class of the day in the Francisco Moura Arena was the 1,10m class, where the British riders were placed in 4 out of the top 5. Shannon Kelly (GBR) & Kira Van’T Vennehof was the big winner having 2 seconds less than Angela Eardley (GBR) & Forrella T.S. who were 2nd. In 3rd Tom Lloyd (GBR) & Diador Z, the only non-British in the top 5 Fátima Rous (POR) & Fast-S placed in 4th, and 5th place was Charlotte Meikle (GBR) & Ronaldo.

Winners of today (22nd September – 2nd day, 1st week)

1,40m – Chloe Aston (GBR) & Cornado’s Boy RC (HANN | 8 yo | Cornado I | Drosselklang | Ionut Razvan Cruceru)

1,35m – Laura Renwick (GBR) & Alothain de Blondel (SF | 7 yo | Newton de Kreisker x Heartbreaker | Mrs L Renwick, Mr J Renwick & Mr E Metaut)

LR 1,45m – 1st ex-aequo:
- Mário Wilson Fernandes (POR) & Tidelio des Nauves (SF | 10 yo | Fidelio du Thot x Socrate de Chivre | ADV Sporthorse)
– Jeremy Sweetnam (IRL) & Sir Landal Joter (Brasilian Warmblood | 10 yo | Singular Joter x Landabel | Nicola Pohl)

1,20m – Sara Ferreira Pinto (POR) & Darko-Eqd (CDE | 15 yo | Gervantus x Atlantus Z | Sara Ferreira Pinto)

1,10m – Shannon Kelly (GBR) & Kira Van’T Vennehof (BWP | 7 yo | Diabeau x Darco | Shannon & Louise Kelly)

 Full results HERE

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