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TREC: Valter Mendes National Champion

A total of forty riders from Spain, France, Germany, England and the host nation participated in a TREC event held at the Centro Hípico Santa Barbara in Constância. Portugal won the team and individual classes.

At the venue the final lap of the national championship was held and won by Valter Mendes riding Imatura.

TREC is a unique equestrian sport based on the French discipline «Le Trec».

The competition is designed to test a horse/rider combination through a whole range of activities rather than focusing on one particular discipline. The sport requires versatility and training, combining the requirements of trail riding, with jumping and correct basic flatwork.

TREC comprises three phases, testing the partnership´s ability to cope with an all-day ride across varied terrain, route finding, negotiating natural obstacles and hazards, while considering the welfare of the horse, respecting the countryside and enjoying all it has to offer.

The FEP is the national governing body for the sport in the Portugal, regulating competitions, supporting organisers, training judges and officials, and organising Championship events for riders at all levels.

Open to all, the sport has something to offer every horse and rider, with opportunities for pairs of riders to compete together and classes to cater for a range of riders from those with very modest ambitions, to others with a keen competitive instinct, right up to international championship level.

The social aspect of the activity is important too, providing the chance to enjoy a value-for-money day or weekend away with horse and friends/family, exploring new places and developing a true appreciation of the wonderful British countryside. Non-riders can get involved too, helping at events which are friendly and fun.

TREC appeals to a variety of riders with all kinds of horses and ponies.

Results – National Championship

1º Valter Mendes com Imatura
2º Pedro Figueira com Chavignol
3º Virgilio Cervantes com Qualidade

1º André Santana com Iris VIII
2º João Laureano com U Farno
3º Suzana Lavado com Callas

1º Diana Serôdio com Huasteco
2º Filipa Pereira com Roald
3º Madalena Costa com Cleo III