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The perfect storm in Portugal… when it comes to managing horse stud-books!!!

In the mandate of the APSL (Associação Portuguesa de Criadores do Cavalo Puro Sangue Lusitano) Board of 2005-2007, the constitution of the “Lusitano de Desporto” breed was proposed and refused by the members.

The name Luso-Warmblood (LW) was created by one of the administrators of this page. The creation of the Luso-Warmblood Stud-Book was the work of another one of the administrators of this page. Together they have been promoting work of enormous added value in favor of this new breed. We chose APORMOR to host this project (Stud-Book) because of its credibility, recognized prestige, and the excellent work that this Association has done with other breeds of animals.

However, the entity belonging to the Portuguese State that maintains the stud-books in Portugal (Direção Geral de Alimentação e Veterinária – DGAV), has recently authorized a second Association to manage the stud-book of the Luso-Warmblood horse. It was this same Association that a few years ago refused to work on this project when it was proposed in october of 2016 by José Paulo Vidigal and Vasco Freire. They disliked the name “Luso-Warmblood” but liked the idea, and created later in 2018, not a breed (they didn’t want a breed), but a section of the Portuguese Sport Horse, called “Lusitano Sport” (brand created by Mr. Sylvain Massa and assigned to this Association). Since the inclusion of the term “Lusitano” caused controversy, they changed the name to Luso Sport. It is a very old Association, with limited activity or creativity in the promotion of the various breeds of horses that are in their charge (1) Anglo-Lusitano; 2) Português de Desporto; 3) Cruzado-Português; 4) Puro-Sangue Inglês; and now 5) Luso-Warmblood). Please make an online consultation to verify the promotion work of the four breeds mentioned above.

First they launched an injunction through DGAV to end the Stud-Book at APORMOR. As it was legally contested and APORMOR won the contestation, they asked DGAV to also manage the Luso-Warmblood Stud-Book.

This action by the DGAV has created an administrative instability not compatible with the level of professionalism and credibility desirable for a stud-book. Dividing a small universe of breeders at a time when a breed is being initiated, is administrative nonsense.

Administratively this is an unacceptable situation (there are currently two Regulations for the same stud-book and also two different technical secretaries, appointed to each of the two Associations).

DGAV has created this situation without any kind of articulation or promotion of dialogue between the Associations involved. APORMOR became aware of this attribution through a Newslwetter published by the other Association.

The role of the DGAV should have served as a mediation and meeting point for the interests of the parties involved, and never as an active party, without listening to or consulting the Association that created the Stud-Book.

This isn’t about horses, it’s about people and roles! We spoke with large breeders, with the aim of establishing bridges and entering into consensus, the result was absolute silence!

APORMOR does not intend to defend itself… it is within its right, because after all no one wants to “buy a war” with a Public Institution with whom they work in other stud-books. It’s like “making war” with the cop who lives next door to you. Every day he will inspect your car in detail looking for a blown light bulb, a damaged license plate, etc.. It’s not a healthy way of life!

As breeders did not register animals in Lusitano Sport… now it seems that they have come to like the name Luso-Warmblood and the project already built of a new breed. And now, to kill any registration in the other Association, they register animals for free until December 31. It’s Portugal at its best!

Horse registers at zero cost… they give you a chorizo ​​for later eating the pig!

Let’s hope the next invasion isn’t about the Lusitano horse universe… dividing, creating instability, and conquering!

The big question is: in the name of what?

Inefficiency, egos, and lethargy… what else!

The perfect storm which explains the current role of Portugal in the world.

“Bonjour tristesse”!

Source: Luso-Warmblood Sport Horse FB