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The benefits of reiki for horses

Reiki translates as universal life energy and is an amazing energy healing method that originated in Japan. It is offered as an alternative treatment in hospitals. While it has mainly been used for healing people, in more recent years, those who have learned reiki have realized how beneficial this healing system could be to their own pets and other animals.

Because reiki is healing energy, it will never harm you or your horse. If your horse has emotional problems such as those due to a traumatic situation such as abuse, neglect, or a riding accident, reiki can help release and heal those emotions. When Kim's family evacuated for a hurricane, a firefighter friend found a horse wandering the streets near their place. He put the horse in one their stalls. The horse had injuries from apparently a traumatic event: a recent but healing rope burn to a leg and large, recent scars on his shoulder and hip from what appeared to be “road burn”. This gentle giant was also somewhat emaciated. His condition was not something that had just happened because of the evacuation. Kim did reiki on him during the time he spent with them to help him recover.

For behavioral issues such as nervousness, reiki can help your horse relax and reduce their stress and anxiety.

If your horse is sick or injured, reiki can help your horse heal more quickly. If your horse is facing a serious illness, reiki can help bring comfort and be a great compliment to conventional treatment.

If your beloved horse is dying, reiki can help bring peace and comfort to you and your horse during this difficult time. It really seems to help them relax so they are not afraid and struggling to stay a part of our lives.