Summer Auction of Hanoverian horses (video)

Summer Auction of Hanoverian horses (video)

94 Hanoverian horses were offered for sale at the Summer Auction of the Hannoveraner Verband on Friday, 19th July. Despite midsummer temperatures, many customers and visitors flocked to Verden to attend the auction. The course of the auction was characterized by a positive general atmosphere and attitude: top-priced auction horse Faustus was sold at Euro 36,000.

The United States turned out to be the number one of foreign buyers.

The beginning of the Summer Auction couldn't have been better: The typey mare Sommerliebe was the first horse to enter the Verden Niedersachsenhalle, and her presentation already resulted in an excellent price: Customers from Finland paid Euro 32,000 for the eagerly moving, three-year-old Scolari / His Highness-daughter (breeder and exhibitor: Siegfried Pilz, Lilienthal). The presentation of auction nº 23 was also rewarded with applause: the impressive chestnut Faustus by Falsterbo/Forrest xx (breeder: Heino Bruns, Goedenstorf, exhibitor:

Andreas Bruns, Goedenstorf) became top-priced horse of the auction, and following an exciting bidding duel, he was sold at Euro 36,000.

Top-priced jumper was Paul O by Perigueux/Pluspunkt (breeder: Helmut Otto, Pollhagen, exhibitor: Angelika and Hartmut Meier, Lindhorst). The four-year-old gelding already confirmed his scope and jumping capabilities in a number of jumper riding horse classes. He presented all his qualities in Verden and was sold at Euro 26,000. An average of Euro 11,872.34 was achieved for the 94 Hanoverian horses.

53 Hanoverian horses will start their career in Germany, six of them will move to Hanoverian fans in North Rhine-Westphalia. 41 Hanoverians will travel abroad, 14 of them were purchased by American customers, the largest group of foreign buyers. Auction Manager Joerg-Wilhelm Wegener summarized: “I am particularly happy that following a longer period of reluctance, the United States have now celebrated an impressive comeback. But there were also customers from Spanish speaking countries such as Ecuador and Spain, as well as Great Britain, with each five purchases. We are grateful for the trust in the work of the Verden auction center.”

The next auction highlight in Verden will be in August. One week after the International Dressage and Show Jumping Festival, Europe's largest foal auction will be held in the Niedersachsenhalle on August 17 and 18.
243 first-class foals and 22 broodmares of exquisite quality will be offered for sale.

Results – Summer Auction

No. of horses offered for sale – 94 horses
No. of horses sold – 94 horses
Total turnover – 1.116.000,00 EUR
Average price – 11.872,34 EUR
Top price – 36.000,00 EUR
Lowest price – 6.000,00 EUR


– from 6.000 EUR to 9.999 EUR – 49 horses

– from 10.000 EUR to 14.999 EUR – 21 horses

– from 15.000 EUR to 24.999 EUR – 20 horses

from 25.000 EUR to 49.999 EUR- 4 horses


Lower Saxony – 27
Denmark – 3
Baden-Wuerttemberg – 5
Ecuador – 3
Bavaria – 3
Finland – 3
Brandenburg – 1
France – 2
Hamburg – 2
Great Britain – 5
Hessen – 4
Italy – 2
Northrhine-Westphalia – 6
Canada – 2
Sachsen-Anhalt – 1
The Netherlands – 1
Schleswig-Holstein – 3
Sweden – 1
Thueringen – 1
Switzerland – 3
Spain – 2
USA – 14

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