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Sjef Janssen Speaks Out on Behalf of Isabell Werth

Anky van Grunsven/NED: “Today I was a better trainer than rider. Salinero was nervous, he spooked in trot and that cost me valuable points. That wasn't good enough and I have mixed feelings – I am pleased about the team victory, but I would have like to have won the competition.”

Marlies van Baalen/NED: “We bought my horse four years ago – actually for my mother. We have been a team for a year now, and we improve all the time. I am very happy, that we won the dressage.”

Heike Kemmer/Winsen: “I made two bad mistakes, one in the one-tempi flying-changes and one in the pirouette. But I am very satisfied that my Bonny improved his form after Balve. The most important thing is that my four-legged partner is willing and in good shape, because I can work on myself:”

Ulla Salzgeber/Bad Wörishofen: “The atmosphere was very unsettling for Herzi, I should have helped him more. Anyone who knows me, is aware that I will fight harder in the next competition. It was very special being able to compete in Aachen with Herzi, because I bought him here at the CHIO Sales as a three-year-old.”

Ullrich Kasselmann, Chef d'Equipe: “Our team was under a lot of mental pressure, but we will get our mental strength back.”

Sjef Janssen, Dutch National Coach: “The whole doping problem that is currently coming to light is a catastrophe for our sport. But us foreigners can't understand how Germany is dealing with the situation. It is not nice that Germany is severely criticising Isabell Werth in public, after all Isabell is their best equestrian athlete and she has won so many medals for her native country.”