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Horse RacingNews

Six jockeys injured in horse racing accident

Six jockeys were injured here in a large collision during Monday's races at the Japan Racing Association's (JRA) Nakayama Racecourse.

The accident occurred in the fourth race, after the leading horse Nobo Project, ridden by 20-year-old jockey Kosei Miura, knocked over another horse while coming out of the final turn. The collision ended up bringing down eight other horses.

A total of six jockeys sustained injuries in the accident, including top jockey Hiroyuki Uchida, 39 — who earned the most wins in JRA races last year — who broke his left arm. According to the JRA, the accident is the largest in its history, surpassing a seven-horse spill in 1977.

The 16-horse race started at 11:20 a.m. Nobo Project, which finished first, was disqualified and Miura will be suspended for four days between Saturday and Jan. 24