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Silvia and Stivaleria Secchiari : Welcome Spring´s arrival with colours!

International Grand Prix rider Silvia Rizzo, well known as fashionist of the dressage world , continues to bring up exciting and elegant ideas and styles for all the riders.

Together with her long – time sponsor,  Stivaleria Secchiari has just come up with a brand new  riding boots with extraordinary colors and style.

“ The high quality of the materials of the Stivaleria Secchiari boots is absolutely excellent and together we have developed the idea of creating something unique and very stylish. “ Silvia explained.

“ Riding lots of horses everyday I need not only comfortable boots but also resistant , so  we all need top quality materials, this is why I have chosen Secchiari , but of course I love being trendy so Stivaleria Secchiari has created this new line full of colours! You have only to decide what you love most! Red, orange, royal blu , pink , yellow and so many others! “ Silvia added.

Stivaleria Secchiari is a family business founded in 1950 by Alfredo and Emilia Secchiari based in Le Marche, Italy; today Stivaleria Secchiari continues with traditional, expert craftsmanship handed down through three generations of boot makers specializing in high quality boots for the equestrian industry.

Their products are entirely handmade and can be personalized by choosing from a variety of trims, models and types of leathers.

All of the leathers used in creating their boots  are carefully selected in Tuscany, renowned for its quality and durability.

The Secchiari brand is well known across the world by riders from many equestrian disciplines for classic design, attention to detail and for their performance.

“Spring is coming so let’s welcome it with colorful and elegant riding boots !” Silvia concludes

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