Riding Helmet saves boy’s life

Riding Helmet saves boy’s life

James Hooker, 18, was riding a family horse near Swansea when he fell by accident and hit the ménage fence causing him a personal injury.

Following the fall, the horse then kicked James in the head causing him a further serious injury. Fortunately, James’s hat took the impact of the kick, splitting it down one side.

James suffered a chipped eye socket, chipped right shoulder blade and a nasty laceration to his cheek.

James’s mother explained “the doctor in A&E said he would have been killed outright if he’d not been wearing a hat”.

Fortunately, James is now back at home and feeling better.

All riders are urged to always wear a riding hat to protect themselves as even with personal protection it is possible to suffer a personal injury, which is better than a fatal accident.

Horses are unpredictable and have a mind of their own.

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