Precautionary measures have been taken at the CSIO 5* de France

Precautionary measures have been taken at the CSIO 5* de France

An outbreak of equine influenza has been detected in two stud farms in Normandy by the RESPE (Réseau d’Epidémio-Surveillance en Pathologie Equine – Network for Equine Epidemiological and Pathological Surveillance).

A horse belonging to one of these farms competed in the CSI in Le Touquet last week, where it developed the beginning of a fever, the initial symptom of flu. Thus the horse left the competition to return to its stables last Friday.

Several horses (27 in total) which competed in Le Touquet are present this week at the Jumping International de France of La Baule (CSIO 5*). Although the risk of flu spreading is minimal (as all the horses are vaccinated), nevertheless it is possible. This is why the Veterinary Commission of the CSIO 5* de France has decided to take the standard precautionary measures.

The horses present in Le Touquet last week have been grouped together in the same stables, so that they can be followed more easily; all the horses competing in the classes of the CSIO 5* de France of La Baule will have their temperature taken every morning and evening. If a horse developed the beginning of a fever, it would immediately be isolated and excluded from the competition.

As for the French competitors, despite the slight risks of an epidemic announced, Pascal Dubois, the National Technical Director of the FFE (French Equestrian Federation) and Henk Nooren, the FFE national selector have decided to apply the maximal precautionary measures in this Olympic year. Therefore, four of the French team’s horses initially entered in Friday’s FEI Nations Cup will not compete: Mylord Carthago*HN (Pénélope Leprevost), Lord de Theize (Olivier Guillon), Nippon d’Elle (Roger-Yves Bost) and Napoli du Ry (Simon Delestre).

The French team competing will be made up of the following rider and horse combinations:

– Eugénie Angot with Old Chap Tame
– Simon Delestre with Valentino
– Marc Dilasser with Obiwan de Pilière
– Jérôme Hurel with Ohm de Ponthual
– Pénélope Leprevost with Topinambour

Graeme Cooke, FEI Veterinary Director : “The FEI was contacted earlier this week by the veterinary advisors to the La Baule Organising Committee is satisfied that all appropriate measures have been taken at the event. FEI Veterinary Regulations require a clinical examination of all horses entering FEI events as part of a strict biosecurity policy. The Veterinary Regulations also require that all horses competing in FEI events are vaccinated against EI within the previous six months. During any FEI event the level of veterinary supervision is very high and any horse which shows any indication of infectious disease will be isolated or, if necessary, removed from the event.”

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