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Portuguese Young Rider savagely assaulted!

We learnt yesterday the sad news that our rider, Vasco Mira Godinho (rider of our Grand Prix horse Bariloche JGR), was savagely and cowardly assaulted by family members (father and brother-in-law) of the former Olympic rider, Gonçalo Carvalho Conchinhas, during a national dressage competition in Estoril (Portugal), where Vasco brilliantly participating.

We are absolutely scandalized by these facts of extreme gravity, totally inadmissible in sport, and we hope that these reprehensible deeds will be prosecuted and punished in an adequate manner by the Courts and also at the level of the Portuguese Equestrian Federation, as it happened during an official competition.

Our compassion goes to Vasco Mira Godinho. We hope that he will recover soon from his injuries and that nevermore such outrageous offences will be perpetrated during an equestrian event.

Signed: Marc and Christine Kleyr – Jacoberger