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«Notável do Lagar» available for 2022’s breeding season

The elite stallion NOTÁVEL DO LAGAR was recently acquired by a new player in the equestrian market – ‘Dressage Notável’ come with an ambitious vision, focused on managing the sportive and breeding career of top level Lusitanos.

Sired by the Olympic stallion Escorial, Notável do Lagar is a horse who needs no introductions. Standing 1,68m at withers, this modern type 5-years-old Lusitano stallion displays three powerful, elastic and smooth gaits – his quality is undeniable.

Gold medalist on model & gaits and winner of several dressage tests where he constantly achieved over 70%, Notável do Lagar meets the Recommended Stallion criteria which allows him to benefit an unlimited number of Lusitano mares.

The acquisition of this remarkable horse by ‘Dressage Notável’ is now focused on two main goals: forging an international sports career and, simultaneously, a breeding career. Notável will be available starting the 2022 season for a carefully selected group of broodmares.

This elite stallion is now stabled in Guimarães, where he will continue his training and development under the hands of the International Grand Prix rider Miguel Magalhães.

The new owners share a well-deserved word of appreciation to Manuel Teixeira Stud: ‘thank you Mr. Manuel Teixeira for breeding this outstanding horse and providing us with the opportunity to pursue this project further’!

Notável do Lagar is available for 2022’s breeding season.

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