Maxime Livio (FRA) winner of the CIC3*, Kai-Steffen Meier (GER) from 30th to 3rd place!

Maxime Livio (FRA) winner of the CIC3*, Kai-Steffen Meier (GER) from 30th to 3rd place!

The final day of competition at the national stud of Le Pin reserved its share of surprises, joys but also disappointments. The young Leonie Leuwer (GER), 16, has resisted the pressure in the CCIP * Toubin & Clément Trophy to succeed in this first international event dedicated to ponies organized in Low Normandy.

In the big class, the CIC 3* Low Normandy Trophy, the leader of last night Sébastien Cavaillon was forced to retire, leaving the field open to the French rider Maxime Livio (FRA), winner with only 0.5 points ahead of another French Eddy Sans, the only rider to complete the course in the allowed time. Kai-Steffen Meier (GER) finished third and best foreign, just before the Canadian Rebecca Howard (4th).

CIC3 * Regional Council of Lower Normandy Trophy: a cross-country full of bouncing, Maxime Livio (FRA) and Cathar de Gamel winners of ‘Le Grand Complet’

Double podium for the major event (CIC 3 stars) of Le Grand Complet at the National Stud of Le Pin (Orne, Low Normandy) with the victory of Maxime Livio (FRA) and Cathar de Gamel, Sunday, Aug. 25. Eddy Sans (FRA) with Phosphore de Lhocre takes second place to the German rider Kai-Steffen Meier riding his Trakhener mare TSF Karascada M.

The ranking at the end of the show jumping test was turned upside down by the result of the cross country test. Eddy Sans (FRA) and Phosphore de Lhocre are the only to complete the course within the allowed time of 7'00'', with a time of 6'59''. They thus retain their total of 51.5 points.

Maxime Livio (FRA) with Cathar de Gamel started last on the cross country. He could exceed 6 seconds the optimum time without risking obliterating his chances of victory. He realizes the cross-country course in 7'05'', and won with a total of 51.0 points.

The German rider Kai-Steffen Meier riding TSF Karascada M moved up from 30th place, acquired after dressage to finish on the podium, third, after a cross in 7'01'', and a total of 53.9 points.

Quotations of the riders

Maxime Livio: “The cross country course was very well built, with technical difficulties that required reflection after several course walking. The soil was very good and the rain did not bother because it was fine, and the weather was very kind to horses. ”

Eddy Sans: “I knew it was possible to be on the ideal time. My horse does not have a burst of speed, but I let him gallop without losing time during jumps. It follows the career path set, progressing and without putting it in the red. The cross country course was nice to ride by being vigilant at all times, with ideal conditions. The next competition will be the elite national class in Jardy (FRA) then possibly Boekelo, to be discussed with national coach Thierry Touzaint. ”

Kai-Steffen Meier (pictured left on the XC test): “My mare is very nervous about training. This is a test competition for the mare proves it is competitive on this level, with a selective course. I was reassured during reconnaissance of course, show jumping and the cross. This is the first time I come to this competition and I am very satisfied. ”

CCIP * Toubin & Clément Trophy: Leonie Leuwer (GER) had strong nerves

The spectacle of the pony riders (aged 12-16 years) delighted the audience, either in the cross-country course on Saturday afternoon or jumping on Sunday morning. 28 couples took the start of the last test which proved decisive. As for the poor Calvin Böckmann (GER), third after the cross: the young German was clear until the penultimate obstacle when deceived barriers and jumped No. 7 instead of No. 11 meaning the elimination. Only four couples realized a perfect record, which ensures a good bound in the final standings. This is the case of Felicity Collins (GBR), who went from 14th to 7th place.

In the top of the rankings, Aurelia Marcus (GBR) lost any chance to get on the podium after three fences down (5th place), leaving his fellow Chelsea Pearce, 15 years old in October, up on the third step with Little Indian Feather. Victoria Smith (GBR), second last night after the cross, penultimate to jump, signed a faultless, putting pressure on its direct rival Leonie Leuwer (GER) – pictured left.

The German could have one fence down to maintain its first place, bar it did not fall, letting Leonie winning the class. “This is my last year at pony, I go riding in 2014 and I hope to compete at one star international,” said the girl of 16 years old based in Bonn, Germany. “I'm really happy with this win. My pony Camissa Nera was really perfect from beginning to end.” Manon Faucheur signed a good comeback. 11th in dressage, 6th after the cross country test, she finished fourth riding the French pony Nanouchka de Swan. “I ride in an equestrian center near Paris, and I still have two years to pony.” Which suggests future international selections for the couple.

CIC1* General Council of the Orne: Arthur Bonneau (FRA) winner from A to Z

The French rider Arthur Bonneau held good until the end of the cross-country test held Saturday afternoon in front of several thousand spectators. With his horse Beauty Boy, he resisted the assaults of his two pursuers Thomas Carlile (FRA) and Maxime Livio (FRA), yet deemed to be the fastest on the circuit. Even without winning, Maxime did a great performance, finishing third with Pica d'Or, fourth and sixth riding Ridano Elmy and Opium de Verrières. “Pica and Opium have a lot of experience,” said the Burgundian rider, “which is not the case of Ridano on his first real season of competition.” This horse has the distinction of belonging to a Thai owner, who chose to invest in the young French hope.

Arthur Bonneau obviously relishes his victory. “I am very proud and happy. Beauty Boy responded well on the cross. I had a bit of pressure, especially since Thomas had his first horse back in time, so I assumed he would do the same with the second. I usually have a bit of trouble to go now. I had to ask, but we had great phases of gallop, which allowed me to leave gallop and build the first delicate combinations.” The owners of Beauty Boy, dressage riders actually, are obviously delighted with the result that confirms the potential of the horse in the discipline. The couple will now start in the CIC2* of Jardy mid-September, and aims, hopefully, a participation to the Mondial du Lion – the World Championships for young eventing horses – in October.

Between Arthur and Maxime we find Thomas Carlile (FRA), second riding the Anglo-Arabian stallion Tenareze, 5yo French national Champion last year in Pompadour. “I dared hope he does well here,” admits Thomas. “Tenareze has a large class of gallop, and he found it quite easy.” He even caught before competing on the cross. “At fence n°10, I saw the Spanish rider in the corner of the eye turning around the triple brush. Fortunately, she has departed soon as she saw me and I could continue my cross smoothly. ”

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