Martin Schaudt wins Kampmann Qualifier

Martin Schaudt wins Kampmann Qualifier

Martin Schaudt secured his Grand Prix Special by winning the Grand Prix Special for the Kampmann Cup in the Stuttgart German Masters again. He was rewarded with 7200 Euros by scoring 77,56% on Weltall VA.

German Master and European team gold winner Heike Kemmer had to be satisfied with the runner up position, still winning 6100 Euros. The new world record holder of the Grand Prix Isabell Werth and Satchmo was placed third.

Martin Schaudt commented on his winning performance: «For me it´s important, sports will remain interesting. With Weltall it really always does! He varies a lot in his performances and scores. For me Weltall still is the best horse in the world. If he is up, I am convinced he can beat any other horse in the world.»

The Grand Prix Special in Stuttgart was a qualifier for the Kampmann Cup. Heinrich Kampmann was extremely happy as well and said: «Congratulations to Martin Schaudt, but also to the crowds who really surprised me in Stuttgart with their wonderful enthusiasm for the dressage the last three days.»

Results (20.11.05)
CDI3* Stuttgart
Grand Prix Special

1. Weltall VA / Schaudt, Martin GER / 77.56 %
2. Bonaparte / Kemmer, Heike GER / 77.08 %
3. Satchmo / Werth, Isabell GER / 76.84 %
4. Elvis VA / Capellmann, Nadine GER / 76.36 %
5. Blue Hors Don Schufro / Helgstrand, Andreas DEN / 76.00 %
6. Salieri CH / Ikle, Silvia SUI / 74.88 %
7. Falada M / Tebar, Karen FRA / 73.24 %
8. Wahajama-Unicef / Linsenhoff, Ann Kathrin GER / 73.20 %
9. Viegaard´s Come Back II /Schmidt, Hubertus GER / 72.44 %
10. Lesotho / Schulten-Baumer, Ellen GER / 71.72 %

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