Italian Team Trainer Anna Merveldt, talks about the growth of Youth Italian dressage

Italian Team Trainer Anna Merveldt, talks about the growth of Youth Italian dressage

Anna Merveldt-Steffens / Italian federal youth trainer

Anna Merveldt-Steffens, Italian federal youth trainer, born in Canada, is an Olympic dressage rider from Ireland (2012 Summer Olympics).

As a federal trainer, she was involved in the competitive growth of young Italians throughout the course of this season.
Do you think that the level of preparation of horses and riders has improved thanks to the stages? Do you think it was a good initiative to promote internships with federal technicians?

This year we have increased the stages and improved the organization.
We have an excellent Junior team for the European Championship in San Giovanni in Marignano and we managed to compose one team for each level.
We try to do more and more for our young people and without a doubt there has been a great improvement in their level of preparation.

What did you set for the next season competitive?

Surely we want to increase the number of federal internships with the riders so that we can help them in their competitive growth. We will try to be closer to these promising girls and boys.

Tell us about your experience with the young Italian riders you followed during the year.

I felt very comfortable with them. They have much passion and are followed by highly qualified instructors. They work all year hard and are very promising. They must no doubt grow but have good horses and talent.

Italian Team Riders

Silvia Diciatteo and Tinus
Cecilia Ruffini and Bailando Cobra
Riccardo Spagni and Cesan
Anna Tarabella and May

Melanie Bartz and Diary Dream Old
Beatrice Arturi and Donaudistel
Valentina Merli and Le Bom
Alessia Volpini and Easy Deasy

Young Riders:
Alice Campanella and Gracile D.E.S.
Ginevra Cover and Edipo El Bayo
Filippo Di Marco and Fidergald
Valentina Remold and Double Cool Darius MJ

Under 25:
Serena Fumagalli Carloni and Black Panter 2
Margherita Josi Paglieri and Le Contendro
Francesca Rapazzoli and Rhadamanthus 2
Francesco Sangiorgi and Sorrento 9

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