INTERNATIONAL Gosto Equino at the 2nd Sport Horse International Exhibition

INTERNATIONAL Gosto Equino at the 2nd Sport Horse International Exhibition

Stud-farm from Torres Novas shows purebred Lusitano Horses.

Stud-farm INTERNATIONAL Gosto Equino will be exhibiting at the 2nd Sport Horse International Exhibition that takes place from 20th to 22nd of January, in the park of Expositions of the CNEMA, Santarém, Portugal.

For the second consecutive year, Stud-farm INTERNATIONAL Gosto Equino is present in the Hall with the introduction of five purebred Lusitano Horses. Within these three, one colt with 3 years and two fillies with 2 years of age will be auctioned on Saturday.

In the stand of the Stud-farm the purebred Lusitano Horses Pino and Sal can be seen. The horse Pino is the stallion of the Stud-Farm. Sal is the horse that ridden by Duarte Nogueira (Professional horseman since 1997, last year obtained 51 first places in national competitions and one third place in Spain), in 2005 obtained 15 first places in Dressage.

During the exhibition these horses can be seen in Dressage demonstrations.

During the three days of the Exhibition there will be at the stall the proprietor, Sergio David, Celine Duarte and Duarte Nogueira.

About Stud-farm INTERNATIONAL Gosto Equino

Stud-farm INTERNATIONAL Gosto Equino was established in 2003, with the objective of breeding Lusitano horses for Dressage. Parallel with the Equine Production, the Stud-farm INTERNATIONAL Gosto Equino has an excellent complex for the practice of Dressage.

For 2006 the INTERNATIONAL Gosto Equino expects to integrate new horses in dressage competions and to be successful in the Expoégua, an exhibiton only for mares. The Stud-farm is situated in Lapas, Torres Novas, Portugal.

For additional information:

Coudelaria INTERNATIONAL Gosto Equino
Quinta dos Pimentéis (Moinho)
Estrada das Lapas
2350 Torres Novas – Portugal
Tel. +351 249 813 872
Celine Duarte – Tlm. +351 917 805 800
João Vieira – Tlm. +351 93 604 93 44

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