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Horses 'Electrocuted' At Newbury Races

An investigation is continuing into why two horses dropped dead in the parade ring at Newbury racecourse.

The animals, Fenix Two and Marching Song, both started to wobble and then collapsed in front of punters before the first race.

Early reports indicated the horses died from an electric shock, but a post-mortem will be carried out.

Other horses were seen to be in distress at the parade ring, many people there also said they felt a tingling sensation in the area near where the horses died.

Newbury Racecourse's managing director Stephen Higgins told Sky News: “We've had the local electricity board here establishing whether there is a cable there and whether it's been disturbed, if there is a cable there it's been dormant for more than 30 years and we need to establish those facts.”

No new work has taken place at the racecourse recently and investigators have been working to establish exactly what caused the distressing incident.

Racing was immediately abandoned for the day.