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Horseball Team of Colegio Vasco da Gama 3rd consecutive win in the Inter-Clubs Tornament in England

As is becoming a habit, the International Inter-Clubs Horseball Tornament for Under-21's took place in Nottingham from the 12th to the 16th August 2009.

A tournament in which Colegio Vasco da Gama is always invited to participate and one which they are thrilled to do so.

Nottingham Horseball Club recently changed its' sporting facility from Cotgrave to Arkenfield, enabling them to expand their activities to a larger number of competitors as was the case with this Nottingham Horseball Camp 2009 which compiled of 3 Under-21’s Teams, 2 Senior Teams and 2 more Under-16’s teams.

For the 3rd consecutive year the Under-21 Team of the Colegio have won this International Tournament with the results indicated below. As is usual in these events, apart from the Under-21 Inter-Clubs Tournament other games of other divisions are also disputed, and games of mixed teams, where players are mixed from different clubs into the formation of new teams. There was even time for a game against the British National Team which served as a training session for them, as they have the Senior's European Championships in Oviedo, Spain next month.

Apart from the sport and competition there was much time spent enjoying the lively and good humored company shared by all the players, starting with the camping of all the teams at the same location to hacking on horseback with an enormous group of players through the vast green fields of the area. Other outings to various historical areas of Robin Hood’s homeland also proved to be a great source of entertainment for the group. The highlight being an afternoon spent at the dog races at the Nottingham Greyhound Stadium, followed by the usual meals together, finishing off with a typical and majestic English Barbeque.

The horseball team from Colegio Vasco da Gama consisted of: No 1 – Tania Campeao, No 4 – Catarina Garcia, No 6 – Joao Pedro Rodrigues, No 7 – Jose Joao Campeao (Captain), No 8 – Pedro Campeao, and Coach – Francisco Campeao.


– Nottingham Horseball Club 2-5 HC Colégio Vasco da Gama

– HC Colégio Vasco da Gama 4-1 Trent Horseball Team

– Trent Horseball Team 2-3 Nottingham Horseball Club