Gold for the German Young Rider Team

Gold for the German Young Rider Team

Germany doubled its success at Arezzo Equestrian Centre for the European Dressage Championships for Juniors and Young Riders – having won the Gold Team medal for the Juniors in the morning, won their second Gold Team medal in the Young Rider competition.

The team composed of Lisa-Maria Klossinger with FBW Daktari (72,029%), Juliette Piotrowski with Sir Diamond (69,921%), Florine Kienbaum with Don Windsor Old (73,842%) and Sonke Rothenberger with Cosmo gained the overall total score of 221.553. At the end of a hard fought battle for the first three positions the podium for the Young Riders is a photocopy of that for the Juniors. “ I am very happy, I did not expect such a great result here at Arezzo” said the German Chef D’Equipe Maria Schierhoel-Otte “ I must give my congratulations to the whole Team which has trained hard for this championships, starting with such a good preparation at home”.

Netherlands is in second position on the podium (218,711), thanks to the performances of Denise Nekeman with Boston STH (70,658%), Jeanine Nieuwenhuis with Hexagon’s Baldacci (72,000%), Anne Meulendijks with President’s MDH Avanti (73,000%) and Stephanie Kooyman with Winston (73.711%). “ For us it was important to do well, seeing the bad situation with our Team who are competing at the World Cup in Brazil” joked the Dutch Chef D’Equipe Tineke Bartels “ we felt the responsibility to be the Champions here and we tried until the end to win!”.

Bronze goes to the Danish Team with an overall score of 208,684 gained by the team composed of Emilie Holm Toft with Ramia Lox (69,132%), Kathrine Springborg with May Candeloro (70,026%), Mille Larsen Warncke with Langkjaergaard’s Donna Fetti (69,526%) and Anna Zibrandtsen with Detroit (68,211%). “ We have worked alot to build the best team feeling possible” said the Danish Chef Catharina Christoffersen “ I am happy with the strategy that we have adopted and also on behalf of all the riders I would like to congratulate the Organising Committee for their excellent work”.

The Italian Team present this year at the European Championships after 4 years absent, finished in 11th position with a total of 197.396. The Team – led by the Chef D’Equipe Laura Conz was made up of Simone Citelli with Touch of Brown, who gained the best score for the Italians with 67,132%, Francesca Ecchia with Dumbledore (66,211%), Vittoria Zaniboni with Saffierduna (64,053%) and Valentina Croce with Nirvana XV (Retired).

“Netherlands, Germany and Denmark” said Peter Holler – the President of the Jury for the Juniors Championships, “are the leaders in the young rider sector and today they clearly demonstrated this. Also in Italy” stated Peter Holler refering to the level of the italian riders “ I have noticed in the last few years a great technical improvement”.

Friday 11 July the competition will continue with the Individual Championships – for which the medals will be awarded on Saturday, whilst Sunday will complete this Championships with the Freestyle – a much enjoyed competition in which the horses will dance in time with the music.

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