Global Champions League: The London Knights take the lead in Chantilly

Global Champions League: The London Knights take the lead in Chantilly

Ben Maher / Winning Good. Photo (c) oto (c) RB Presse-S.Rispail

A team event in two acts, the first round of the Chantilly Global Champions League delivered its verdict: victory, but which remains provisional, of the London Knights, a team composed of the British Ben Maher and the young Belgian Nicola Philippaerts. But the game is far from being over.

To settle this victory, Maher and Philippaerts will have to confirm tomorrow. And nothing is less obvious because, for this first Chantilly’s round, two other teams, the Valkenswaard United (with the Italian Alberto Zorzi and the German Marcus Ehning) and the Miami Celtics (with the daughter of the “boss”, Jessica Springsteen – very successful today in Chantilly – and the Irishman Denis Lynch) also went out of the arena with clear rounds and in a time very close to the one of the winners of the day. A first battle of titans like the whole confrontation of this season: the two leading teams at Chantilly tonight are none other than the two teams leading the overall ranking of the Global Champions League after ten legs. The ending of tomorrow promises to be exciting. A game where strategy plays a leading role: “We did not take the same horses as last week,” explained Ben Maher. “Nicola assured a first clear round with H & M Chilly Willi and my horse, Winning Good, who is naturally faster finished the job assuring us a good time. But tomorrow will be another day with a more difficult course, bigger and more technical.” “The horses are in good shape,” added Nico Philippaerts. It will be enough for us to mount them well, but to win such a competition, luck will also play a role “.

Behind the podium, we have to go to sixth place behind to find the first French rider, Julien Epaillard, who, with the Belgian Jérôme Guery, forms the Monaco Aces team while the “local” team, the Chantilly Pegasus, composed of Roger-Yves Bost and Colombian Carlos Lopez, only ranked 13th with 8 faults.

This team will be honoured tomorrow by opening the afternoon with a parade where the two riders will be presented in the carriage that Chantilly’s Anne-Violaine Brisou will present at the World Championship in a few days and preceded by a true Pegasus: the living representation of the statue of Fame which can be seen on the roof of the dome of the Great stables, in the background of the showjumping arena.

The day will end with another great moment: the Longines Global Champions Tour in Chantilly, for which the 35 best individual riders of the two rounds of the Global Champions League will be qualified. In fact, THE great sporting moment of the weekend. If we make an exception of a football game Sunday at 17H00! (Just after the Master Del Monte!)

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