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“Flicka” soon in our cinemas

“Flicka” which had its debut on Friday (20/10) in the USA is based with a few changes on Mary O'Hara's book, “My Friend Flicka,” led by the main character becoming female, a private-school student, Katy McLaughlin (Alison Lohman), who is failing. Katy's lack of scholastic dedication has her butting heads with her ranch-owner father (McGraw), who is also worried about various financial struggles.

The impudent teenager makes things worse when she decides to ride off on horseback and encounters a mountain lion.

Thankfully, a black mustang shows up and runs the big cat off.

So Katy urges her father to bring in the wild horse, which she's already nicknamed Flicka. But when he does, it's with reluctance, and father and daughter nearly come to blows over his plans for the animal.

Screenwriters Mark Rosenthal and Lawrence Konner (“Mona Lisa Smile”) do add a few surprising twists to the material, and it's handsomely photographed. Scenes of horses running in the wild may make the film worthwhile for some in the audience.

Check the trailer.