Fedora sold for 200 thousand euros…

Fedora sold for 200 thousand euros…

The Expo Talent auction organized on the 29 November at the Expo Center in Hengelo, during the national Concours Hippisch Hengelo achieved top prices for as many as 22 extremely talented, young show jumping horses and 16 dressage horses which came under the hammer of auctioneers Hans Sinnige and Bert de Ruiter at this elite auction.

A record price of 200 thousand euros was reached for a four year old dressage mare Fedora (Ferragano x Riverman) sold to the USA. Another show jumping prospect Ursus (Ferro x Casmir) was sold for 150 thousand euros.

All the horses were presented under the saddle, with expert commentary from Jeroen Dubbeldam, Wim Schröder and Sjef Janssen.

The 2005 Expo Talent Auction reached a revenue of 1.721.500 euros euros and the average price for a horse was 46.527,03 euros.

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