End of the adventure for the Gallops of Morocco 2018

End of the adventure for the Gallops of Morocco 2018

It is with emotion that the 2018 edition of the Gallops of Morocco ends. A human adventure where strong bonds are created: first between man and horse but also between men.

After a week of fierce competition between the sixteen teams, it is the Ch’tis led by Grégoire Verhaeghe, already present at Gallops of Oman, who won the first place followed closely by the women’s team Quazane. The polo club of Chantilly and Blue Ghallah share the third place of this 100% French podium! A victory brought by organized, communicative teams, who managed to preserve their horses throughout this raid despite the difficult weather conditions between sandstorms and hot weather!

Participants will remember this unique experience that allowed them to enjoy breath-taking landscapes between the dunes of Merzouga and the city of Erfoud, but also to discover the generous, endearing and robust Barb and Barb-Arabian, ready to overcome all obstacles to please its rider. A privileged bond between man and horse and that was so powerful that a rider even decided to buy the horse she rode throughout this race, a beautiful proof of recognition!

The Gallops of Morocco is all about sharing, emotions and encounters, which allowed this edition to be very successful with all participants, whether accompanying or rider. The evenings around the campfire, the white party or the Gala dinner with Marbella Paris facilitated the contact and thus to forge new bonds.

This edition was marked under the sign of openness towards the others. The five children of the association Polo Discovery decided to share a moment with children of a school which is in a village not far from the region of Merzouga. The French kids taught some judo movements to their new Moroccan friends. An introductory morning in a joyful atmosphere. The children were happy to share their knowledge and make others discover their passion with a smile!

This first edition of Gallops of Morocco would not have emerged without the investment and support of its partners. First of all, the SOREC, which helped to show a new image of Morocco thanks to the promotion of equestrian tourism and the Barb and Arabian-barb horse. Then, Joe Riding Company in charge of the selection of the horses, Amazpamp and Horseware with gifts for riders and horses, the application Ekism and T-TRACK ensured the safe part and allowed to follow the race live. The Xaluca group, which took care of the participants’ accommodation, has created, thanks to its quality service, 5 * bivouacs in the middle of the Sahara Desert. The Moroccan National Association of Equestrian Tourism, attached to the Royal Moroccan Federation of Equestrian Sports and the Moroccan National Tourism Office, has been present and has brought its knowledge of the field and its skills. The association Polo Discovery represented by its ambassadors Camille Cerf, Matthias Van Khache and the five children from Le Blanc Mesnil came to this first edition of the Gallops of Morocco with strong values ??????such as sharing, exchange and kindness.

This edition of the Gallops of Morocco has been a great success. Each participant leaves with unforgettable memories of the two hundred kilometers of dream landscapes that they crossed during this adventure.

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