Coudelaria Menezes excelled at the PSL Festival

Coudelaria Menezes excelled at the PSL Festival

Situated in the central region of Portugal, Coudelaria Meneses scored three major trophies at the recent XIII Lusitano Festival 2006 in Cascais.

The event, which took place in June is of major importance to the equestrian sector and functions as a stage for the presentation of the best lusitano horses from the major breeders of our country. Coudelaria Meneses entered 4 products of the finest quality and claimed the following trophies:

• 1st place in the 2 year old category for mares: Zamora
• 3rd place in the 3 year old category for mares: Xicórea
• 4th place in the category mare and foal: Salema

Established in 2000, Coudelaria Menses is totally dedicated to the breeding of the best lusitano horses. Through a very careful selection of bloodlines, and the adequate infrastructures available, Coudelaria Menses has the best morphologically correct and functional pure bred lusitano horses.

The establishment is set in an area of 100 hectares and has at their disposal indoor and outdoor arenas, where from time to time the best quality lusitanos are exhibited to potential foreign and national buyers.

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