Charlie Weld and Petrus of Triballus world Champions

Charlie Weld and Petrus of Triballus world Champions

Kai Rüder Saaten and Charlie Weld Unions are the winners of the 2009 edition of the World Championships for 7-year old horses.

On Sunday morning the horse inspection to put an end the aspirations of Australia's Brook Staples, 3rd after the cross country test: the judges did not authorize DHI Vitesse continues to the competition. The horse of Belgium's Wouter de Cleene, Ballynoecastle Clover, did not pass the inspection either. Ireland's Sam Watson did not present GFG Man Rambo at the inspection.

At 2.30 pm, 47 riders and their horses were expected to take part in the final show jumping test. This proved hard for the competitors: both in terms of being clear and finishing the round within the time allowed. Only 13 riders and their horses managed to do so.

Among them were Sebastian Cavaillon and Only One of Reverdy, Karim Laghouah and Chicago van't Zonneveld, Hervé Letheux and Only You by the Triballus and Donatien Schauly and Ocarina of Wood Placed the best French rider and horse, finishing in 6th place in the final line-up.

Sweden's Malin Larsson and Barny 47 were clear and finished 5th, just behind Pippa Funnell and Billy Landret, who completed the Championships magnificently with a clear round in the arena.

Sandra Auffarth finished third. The young 22-year-old German rider paid great attention during her round with her French Saddle Horse Ogpun Mouvo.

They finished clear goal with one time fault.

William Fox-Pitt and Oslo were clear purpose they also had two time faults.

When he entered the arena, Kai Rüder knew that He Had four jumping faults and a few time faults in hand. And he had one down with Charlie Weld.

This was the only mistake made by the German rider and his horse, who won the event with style. 3rd in the World Championships for Young 6-year old Eventing Horses last year, Saaten Unions Therefore Charlie Weld is the new World Championship for Young 7-year old Eventing Horses.

Mathieu Lemoine and Petrus of Triballus win the World Championships for 6-year old horses.

In the lead after the dressage test, Mathieu Lemoine and Petrus of Triballus Remained in first place after the cross country test, and after a clear round show jumping during the test they won the World Championships for 6-year old horses with style.

During the second horse inspection, Mathieu Lemoine did not present the Palme Barbereau, and Menger, the Trakehner horse of Russia's Zaurbek Baev was not authorized to continue in the Championships by the jury. Therefore 37 riders and horses were still in the running for the show jumping test.
The test proved difficult as only 5 riders and horses had a clear round within the allowed time limit. This was due to the cross country test which had tired out the horses.

Jumping faults cost some of the riders dearly, such as Benedict Malandain, who dropped down in the final line-up and was no longer in the top three, due to 4 faults for one down and 4 faults for going over the allowed time limit with his attractive pool of Panaji Seriphée. He finished in 7th place behind Andrew Nicholson and Qwanza.

Frank Ostholt and Sir Medicott had a great performance this morning. 7th after the dressage test, the German rider and his horse left the arena clear
and were guaranteed of being in 3rd place as a result.

Andreas Dibowski, Who Had gone up from the 20th to the 9th spot with his first horse, FRH Butts Avedon thanks to a clear round, added an extra 4 faults to his score with his second horse, the superb Mighty Magic. These four jumping faults did not throw any doubts on his 2nd position, but it gave Mathieu Lemoine and Petrus of Triballus a bit more leeway.

When the leading rider and his horse entered the arena, silence Reigned in the stands. After a magnificent round Which lasted 80 seconds where Petrus soared over the fences, Who Had the public been holding its breath right up until the last fence, gave a triumphal reception to the new World Champion for 6-year old rider and his horses.

Mathieu Lemoine was finally able to release the pressure that he Had put on himself and savor this magnificent victory, the 12th one for Petrus this season, out of a total of 12competition holdings.

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