BMW scooped the Groupe Edmond de Rothschild Trophy

BMW scooped the Groupe Edmond de Rothschild Trophy

BMW scooped the Groupe Edmond de Rothschild Trophy in a very exciting final in the 19th edition of the BMW Polo Masters Megève.

Mirroring the first stage of the BMW Polo Masters Tour in Val d’Isère, Laurent Dassault (Hcp 0), Matthieu Delfosse (hcp 4) and Patrick Paillol’s (hcp 4) team battled it out neck and neck with the BMW Team in the finals of the BMW Polo Masters in Megève, and just missed victory during the extra chukker. Now they are revved up in the starting blocks for a victory in Courchevel.

In this 19th edition the exceptionally high standard of these 4 teams create thrilling, fast moving, head to head battles, making very exciting viewing.

Intense right from the start of the qualifying matches.

During the qualifying matches Groupe Edmund de Rothschild team won their place in the finals againstFermes de Marie in the very last minute of the match. The Fermes de Marie team were dominating the match with 2 points ahead until the 6th minute, then two moves from Matthieu Delfosse (hcp4) and Patrick Paillol (hcp4) enabled them to take victory by a whisker.

For the second qualifying match, BMW’s victory was easier with a 4 to 2 score against Fer à Cheval.

A thrilling final loaded with speed, force and tactics.

A riveting dual between the cream of all French polo players, Brieuc Rigaud (hcp5) and Pierre Henri NGoumou (hcp5), which enabled them to split 3rd and 4th place in the tournament. Experience helped theFermes de Marie team led by Cyrille Costes (hcp0) to claim victory with 5 goals to 2 opposite Fer à Cheval, led by his son Edouard Costes (hcp0).

The conquest for the beautiful Groupe Edmond de Rothschild Trophy, hand crafted by the famous sculptor Pierre Margara, was lively and intense packed with excitement.

Right up to the final chukker the Groupe Edmond de Rothschild’s team, led by Laurent Dassault (hcp0) and the BMW team led by Robert Strom (hcp4) stayed neck and neck finishing as a tie, 7 goals to 7. So an extra chukker was played to settle the match, the first goal was the deciding one. And unfortunately a mistake from Robert Strom (hcp4) inEdmond de Rothschild team led way to a fabulous victory for the BMW team.

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