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Alex van Silfhout and Nimbly winners in Saumur

In the Netherlands the 5th of May is Liberation Day because of the celebration of the end of World War II.
In France in Saumur on the fifth of May Dutch Alex van Silfhout and his Havel-son Nimbly freed themselves from their unlucky image because of previous eliminations at international competitions as Nimbly used to bite his own tongue.

After the runner up position in Grand Prix the Dutch pair did win both the Grand Prix Special and the Freestyle to music.

Alex van Silfhout was very happy and relieved. “Liberation Day indeed”, he stated. “The night mare of eliminations due to this tongue problem finally has got a happy ending. Special mixtures, juices, homeopathic cures, you name it and I have tried it to solve the problem. Believe it or not, now I feed a little bit of hay while Nimbly is bridled and this seems to bring the patience and relaxation which I was desperately searching for. This was my first international show again after a long pause.

In the Grand Prix Special he showed his capacity of looseness to the ultimate, a great feeling! I am happy my feeling was visible and recognized by the judges too.”

In the Freestyle Luxform’s Nimbly was accompanied by modest, quiet Gregorian music. “The more soft and gentle the music is, the more his abilities in the movements show their expression”, Van Silfhout happily commented.

CDIO – Saumur

Kür with Music – CDIO

1º Alex van Silfhout (Holanda) – Luxforms Nimbly – 75,450%
2º Hubert Perring (França) – Diabolo St Maurice – 73,000%
3º Petra Wilm (Alemanha) – Rosenstrauss – 72,350%
4º Karen Tebar (França) – Falada – 72,150%
5º Françoise Joux (Bélgica) – Born – 70,550%
6º Anna Ross Davies (Gbr) – Liebling II – 70,450%
7º Patricia Callaghan (Holanda) – Joy – 69,800%
8º Miguel Ralão Duarte Portugal) – Oxalis de Meia Lua – 69,700%
9º Daniel Pinto (Portugal) – Galopin de la Font – 69,600%
10º Nicola Jourdain (Gbr) – Saint Swithens – 69,250%